About Me

Who am I

Hello welcome, my name is Hannah, I am a 21 year old transgender female from andover.
I am a student who is currently studying a foundation course and employed as
a learning technology choch at Andover college.
Outside of college, I am a carer who's been caring for a few years now,
and I work a part-time job where I am currently employed as a Repem staff at B&M Andover,
and as an MDSA team member at Endeavour primary.
also I am a web developer who's been learning to code for over a year now,
and I am an ex Youtuber who used to run a channel about gaming which you, can found out more about here.

What i like to do in my free time

In my free time I like to code, play video games and watch videos/listen to music.

My interest

I am very interested in computer Technology with a particular interest in programing, also I am into photography and fashion

Education & Employment History


-Norman gate school : September 2005- July 2012
- The Mark way School : September 2012- 30th June 2017

qualifications i have gained while at school

GCSE Art: E GCSE Maths: 1 GCSE Food Tech: E / BETC Pass
GCSE Design Tech: D GCSE Religious Studies: E GCSE Citizenship: E
CIDA Level 1 ICT: Pass (grade C) Sports Leaders Award L1 ACHIVED BTEC L1 Maths: Pass
BTEC Science Level 1 PASS BTEC Cooking Skills L1 AWARD

-Andover College : 13th September 2017- Present

qualifications i have gained while at College

may 2018 may 2019 may 2020 may 2021 2022
BTEC IT User GCSE photography: 3 GCSE English :3 GCSE Maths: 3 GCSE Maths (currently on going)
BTEC Vocational Studies BTEC L2 IT: Pass GCSE Maths: 3 BETC L3 Creative media: Pass
BTEC Work Skills Functional Skills L1 Maths: pass BETC L3 Creative media: Merit BETC L3 IT: Pass
C+G Functional English: Pass Functional Skills L1 English: pass BETC L3 IT: Pass GCSE English :4
C+G Functional Maths: Pass

Work experience

-The Range Andover : October 2017- December 2017
-Cameo & Vinyl Andover : 6th April 2019- 23rd October 2021

qualifications i have gained while at Cameo & Vinyl

CPL online- equality & diversity CPL online- ALPS (award for licensed premises staff) CPL online- health & safety
CPL online- emergency first aid awareness CPL online- fire awareness

-B&M Andover: 4th November 2020- Present
-Endoveour Primary School : 1st Novemeber 2021- Present
-Andover Young Carers : until March 2020