blog 1- Pride month 2021

9th June, 2021 posted by hannah

It is june and thats means Pride month, I want to first wish everyone a happy pride and I know this year and last has been tough on us all however we will not let that get to us.

I also want to take this moment to say "I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since coming out as gay to a select few and myself and at first i thought it was going to be scary and no one will accept me, but turns out that wasn’t true. I am so glad and happy that i have all of your support

thank you so much to all of you for coming along this journey with me and supporting me every step of the way i love you all #ShareWithPride #Pride2021 #pride

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So I really want to Thank you all, I know its been a crazy year, but without you by my side i wouldnt be the person who i truly am/ have become. I love you and I am truly gratful for you being apart of my life,

Pride . Pride month 2021